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Company Profile


Company Profile :

Company tenet: sustainable innovation, research and development, design, manufacture, production, marketing, and promotion of sports-related products that are beneficial to the promotion of human life and health. The growth and sharing of customer innovation value is our constant belief over the years.

90% of our customers are from mainstream brand in the European and American markets & professional sports equipment store.

(Non-family business, cadre supervisors, shareholders are all from outstanding colleagues)

** Business base: No. 84, Shenshang Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


Business Philosophy :

Customer, Innovation, Value, Growth, Sharing


Main Products / Services:

1. R&D, manufacturing and sales of Inline/Ice skates, Back protectors, Skateboards, Scooters, Helmets and related peripheral products

2. R&D, manufacturing and marketing of outdoor/game and sports products


Welfare System:

1. Based on the company's earnings and personal performance, additional year-end or bonus bonuses will be issued

2. Elegant working environment

3. Company value the health of colleagues. In addition to setting up basketball courts, tennis courts, skates /skateboard practice fields, billiard rooms, indoor treadmills, flywheels and comprehensive fitness equipment in the mainland factory, we also organize various sports teams and use spare row Book itineraries, hold long swims at sea, climb to the top of Yushan Mountain, participate in foreign sports competitions, climb world peaks and organize annual sports meetings, etc., and conduct sports friendship activities with manufacturers and customers. Recently, more vigorously advocate triathlon sports, so that colleagues can cultivate lifelong Exercise habits, maintain a healthy mind and body, career and family health can be taken into account.

4. There are gyms, Dalingshan Park, climbing, running, cycling and swimming near the factory.

5. TRIPLE POWER provides board and lodging (single private bathroom large suite & Taiwanese style meal prepared by special personnel)

6. Taiwanese dormitories have special personnel to clean and do laundry


Enterprise development history :

1996: Set up a processing factory for skates

1999: Set up a processing factory for protective gear and skateboards

1999: ISO 9002 certified

2002: ISO 9001 certified

2004: Consolidated the second factory and established TRIPLE POWER SPORTS PRODUCTS INC.

2004: Set QA Supplier Management System

2017: Obtained high-tech enterprise certification, CRM customer relationship management

2019: ESG Environmental Social Corporate Governance

2020: Green Energy Industry 3.0

Latest news

1. Last year, China launched an e-commerce monopoly, supplementary education, video games, and learning to take one more outdoor exercise class every day. Outdoor activity products are in short supply, and the sports industry market continues to develop.

2. The epidemic has slowed down, European and American customers have paid more attention to the quality of life and health, and their demand for outdoor sports has become more enthusiastic.

3. The company's 2021 revenue has increased by 73% and continue to grow.

4. Expand business~ Compete in Mainland (global), want to do a big business, make a lot of money who love surfing, skiing, ice skating, skateboarding, marathon, triathlon... Players or those who like sports and have sports expertise.. Welcome People with lofty ideals to create a big picture !


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Add:No. 84, Shenshang Road, Humen Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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